11 Foods To Boost Summer Weight Loss

With all the junk food within our reach most of us have forgotten to eat healthy and became tired of getting extra pounds not able to shed weight. Unfortunately in our daily life, we hardly find time to walk, run and go to the gym. This article will definitely motivate those who are trying to lose weight without physical effort but with simple natural remedies from kitchen! 

11 Foods To Boost Summer Weight Loss

If you are serious about losing extra pounds, then you should be serious about nutrition. Just remember It is all about balance.

Raspberries: They are very helpful to dieters who want to beat their extra pounds. In fact, raspberries are a rich source of fiber and a key factor which ensure less belly fat, lower cholesterol and powerful metabolism.

Banana ice cream: Ice cream contain a large amount of fats and sugar and thus make your body gain more fats. So instead of buying ice cream you can make a banana ice cream. You just need to cut it into small slices, keep it in the freezer for two hours and then mix it in the blender. This is really healthy and tastes amazingly delicious.

Grilled vegetables: It is recommended to eat grilled vegetables because they are lower in calories and fats and higher in fiber.

Hard boiled eggs: support weight loss. Actually eggs contain important nutriment such as vitamin B12, vitamin D and protein. One large egg provides 6 grams of protein and only 78 calories. Protein obtained from them make you feel almost full due to their slow movements through the digestive tract, so hard boiled eggs enable people who are on a diet to consume less calories through out the day. Proteins also prevent spikes in blood sugar and thus lower the chance of fat storage. 

Chilled soup: One of the healthiest food which help you drop more pounds is chilled soup. Actually it contains a lot of fiber which reduces appetite and is promoting weigh loss over time.

Figs: Instead of serving sweets you can add this tasty fruit to your meal. Figs have several benefits and offers various vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium and fiber. Each large fig contains 47 calories, thus our bodies will be able to consume less calories which will obviously lead to weight loss. Figs have also cancer-fight capabilities.

Grapes: are a moderate source of calories (every 100 grams contain only 70 calories) which help you loose weight and fit very well with your diet. They also include high amount of ellagic acid which can boost fat-burning ability. Grapes also clean your body as it contain a powerful antioxidants.

Strawberries, Apples and Pears: They are super weight loss fruits packed with essential vitamins, minerals, enough fiber and less calories and low sugar.

Honey: It is true that honey contain sugar but but bodies are able to digest natural sugar smoothly as opposed to artificial sweeteners. Honey contains protein, water, fiber, energy and many vitamins and minerals. When dealing with weight loss honey can be consumed with warm water and lemon juice. Many people use it as a natural home remedy to stimulate their daily weight loss on empty stomach once in the morning.

Green tea: is more than a hot flavored water, it is very healthy thanks to its substances. Green tea is a source of caffeine which help your body burn both calories and fats. it is safe to drink about 3 cups of green tea a 24 hours. Green tea is a fat burner, in addition to caffeine it contains concentrated EGCG catechin which turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Flavored water: It’s summer! So enjoy plenty of flavored water and consume more beneficial nutrients. For example apple cucumber water, raspberry lemon water or cucumber, lime strawberry mint water, these mixtures will detox you body, help you lose more pounds and cool you down. Water helps burning calories, it also help increase your metabolism add to curb your appetite by making you feel full.

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