5 Ways Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Our bodies are estimated to be about 60% to 70% of water, yet most of us do not realize its importance to our overall health. If you want to lose weight easily and have a healthy body, you’ll be amazed that water is a key factor on your successful weight loss journey. So let’s melt away the unwanted pounds together.
5 Ways Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Drinking Enough Water: It is recommended to drink at least 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Thus, you’ll increase what is knowing as “resting energy expenditure” and burn 40% of calories more than usual. Drinking half of your body weight ounces will ensure your weight management goals; in deed, it will cleanse your body, energize you, control your blood pressure and cholesterol level and prevent fatigue or headaches. Iced water is also very helpful, it keeps you fresh and boosts your metabolism because it pushes your body to work hard in order to warm it up, therefore burn more calories and help you lose weight.

Water Before Meals: If you want to burn more calories in less time, you must drink water half an hour before each meal. This will give you a sense of fullness and help you consuming less calories which leads to weight loss. Drinking water before meals lower your calorie intake from 40 to 75 calories and people who drink 3 large glasses of water before each meal lost 4 pounds over 12 weeks.

Beat Your Extra Pounds: This can be manageable through few tips:
1. Carry around a water bottle and take sips throughout the day and wherever you are.
2. Flavor you water with lemons, limes, cucumber.
3. If you get tired of water you can switch to herbal tea, fresh juice but avoid artificial beverages.

Cut Your Salt Intake: Avoid food with high intake of sodium like takeaways, chips, refined bread... Actually their ingredients increase your hunger you never feel enough and make you consume calories more than what you burn. Such foods increase water retention and make your body gain fat.

Water Diet: If you follow this diet you'll lose 10 pounds in just 5 days! This is the trick in brief

Day 1: You need to consume 8 glasses of iced water and add only apple juice or some fresh apples because they reduce toxins at the level of the liver. Iced water make your body burn more calories to warm it up to the body temperature. If you couldn’t control your hunger you can add watermelon or any sort of fruit that is rich in water. 

Day 2:  During Day 2 you’ll need 2 other glasses of water (10 glasses), you are required to eat vegetables that contain sugar such as carrots, this will make you feel more energetic. Try to eat fresh vegetables, they are more nutritious and lower in calorie.

Day 3: You can drink 8 glasses of water or more you can also cook your own meal but avoid salt. Today your skin will definitely seem more glowing and healthier and controlling your hunger is much more manageable. People who did not stick to this plan until the third day will not see any result because till now you are just cleaning your body from toxic and acidic substances. 

Day 4: You’ll be surprised that you lost at least from 2 to 3 pounds. Today you’ll need your usual amount of water but you can drink a free-creamy milk and have a banana.

Day 5: You need to drink more than 10 glasses of water. It is recommended to eat 6 tomatoes throughout the day and add some red meat to your meal. 

Day 6: Now you must be 10 pounds thinner. You can go back eating as usual but don’t forget to keep your healthy habits such as vegetables, fruits and avoid sugary beverages or artificial juice.