10 Tips To Make Yourself Wake Up Early

To have a productive, positive and relaxed day, you obviously must train your brain to wake up early.
Actually, waking up early is the greatest gift you give yourself: it offers you a kind of serenity and peace of mind, there are no cars, noise or traffic but you and your thoughts and this is much better than jumping from your bed and go straight to your work and stressful daily routine .

10 Tips To Make Yourself Wake Up Early

So, if you want to be a morning person and establish your own habits to what fits with your current goals, energy level and high performance but still find it hard when the alarm goes off in the morning, here is a list of as much advices as you need:

Have An Adequate Sleep:
You have to form a habit to sleep at the same time and be sure that your body rests from 7 to 9 hours every single night. Keep this habit three weeks or a month to get that routine and make it easier to get up early as known “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Have A compelling Reason To wake Up in The Morning:
Before going to bed you have to remember that tomorrow is a new day whatever might happen I can handle it and go over it. That way, you’ll love your day, handle it, enjoy it and end up with positive feelings, hope and lots of enthusiasm for the expectant new opportunities and chances in thee next day.

Don’t Sleep In:
As soon as your alarm goes up make sure you get up. Most of us used to check his e-mail, Facebook account or Instagram, henceforth you should get rid of this bad habit because going on social media will make you feel even more tired and exhausted so you go back to sleep even for more few minutes. So when you get up and open your eyes stay up! In the other hand, you can bring a pen and a piece of paper and make a “To Do List”, you’ll have less stress and endless energy,  you are taking control and will end up your day with much satisfactory and relaxation.

Be Positive:
Look forward something tomorrow. Be positive, feel the energy inside you and never let your fears get the best of you. Just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day, I have goals to achieve and I worth it.

Put Your Alarm Across The Room:
Keep your alarm away from you and put it across the room. This is not only better for you to not sleep with your phone, but also keeping it in the other side  requires to get up, walk and turn it off.

Make Up Your Bed:
As soon as you get up, make up your bed to not scrolling inside and go back to sleep. Besides, it is pretty good to go out and have some fresh air or open the windows and enjoy the  warm light and let your body absorb more and more energy.

Gradual Your Alarm:
Set up your alarm 15 minutes earlier, for example if you are used to wake up at 7 am try setting it at 6:45am to help you gradually getting to the routine of waking up early without shocking your body and system.

Change Your Alarm Ring:
Change your alarm from “snooze” for example to something that it less annoying. So you can choose your favorite song or motivational quotes or texts you want to hear and make you feel better and ready for your new day.

You can go out and jog, this will definitely help you to clean your head from stress and put you in a healthy mind set but if you haven’t much time you can practise Yoga or exercises to stretch you muscles and thus feel the fireworks of  energy glowing inside of you.

Hydrate Yourself:
When you get up, make sure of hydrating yourself with a large glass of water before anything else. This is going to wake you up faster than coffee, feed your brain and maintain you wellbeing. In the other hand, don’t skip your breakfast because it boosts your metabolism as well as energy and help you to have a successful day.

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