10 tips to lose weight by walking

Walking is the oldest human physical activity. Nowadays, many people wander if it can just be enough to lose weight.

Walking is the best and safest thing you can do to your back and body and considered as a healthy habit that is proven to be even more effective than going to the gym. So here is some easy tips to lose weight intelligently without ruining your body. 

10 tips to lose weight by walking

1. Drink more water: In order to get rid of this stubborn extra weight easily, you have to drink enough water . When your body is not supplied with the sufficient amount of water, it goes into alert mode, start to carry the extra water weight and that’s why you feel your stomach bloated. Although it seem not interesting,  drinking 2L or more depending on your weight is very effective not only to get rid of that extra weight but also to speed your metabolism cleanse your body and avoid fatigue and sleep disorder.

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2. Walking as a routine: Walking is a natural healer which can be done almost anywhere and anytime. It is better than medicine as it works to protect you from different health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol and helps you maintain an ideal weight, strengthen your bones and improves your mood.
3. Gradual your physical performance: It is recommended to walk 10 thousands steps a day which equals 8K.M. However, as a beginner, start to walk at least 3 days per week for 20 minutes for each and gradually increase the duration of your walks.
4. Make it a daily priority:  Walking has several benefits that convince you to never skip or ignore it. When you devote some time to your health and engage in such a physical  activity you will not only manage your ideal weight but also you’ll boost your immunity to fight diseases, energize your body and thus add healthy years to your life. So consider your walking routine as a priority and never neglect it, or else your efforts will fall by the way side.
5. Maintain a healthy feeding schedule: If you want to eliminate the accumulated weight, you have immediately to quite fast food which is not only a big deal when it comes to weight but also bring forth series of health problems such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure and countless extra calories. In the other hand, fiber is very effective to keep your body healthier thanks to its magical fat burning properties. Foods that provide you with big fiber intake such as Black beans, apples and bananas are highly recommended as they make you full without fear of extra weight.
6. Keep your walk enjoyable: You are no longer obliged to walk only outdoor, from now on you can try walking indoors using a treadmill for example. Besides, to avoid boredom try watching T.V,  listening to music or having a  walk with your partner, this will provide you with a sort of distraction and enhance your physical performance.
7. Choose the right time: Walking is a great way to start your day. Regardless of  its tremendous effect that keeps your weight under control, it also  energizes you, provides you with a clarity of thoughts , boosts your mood,  immunes you from daily stress and extends your life by 1.4 years.

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8. Walk right: To magnify and enhance the benefits of your walks, you have to be conscious of the proper walking techniques. You have simply to be straight and don’t look at your feet. Make sure to keep your shoulder relaxed, your arms should be bent 90 degrees as they swing back and forward, abs tight and gently land your heel first with each step.
9. Involve more physical activities: In order to make your weight loss program successful make sure to add extra physical activities such as taking stairs or parking further away or using your bicycle. You can also challenge your friends and enjoy with them different sorts of sport or devote some time to your kids,  share with them their games and get closer to them.
10. Have patience: If you want to achieve your ideal weight, you have to surpass your psychological obsession of “ too much .. too fast “. When trying to improve your life style, you have to support yourself and be self motivated and self monitoring and do not put yourself under much pressure then your efforts go in vain. Such a process of change require to be realistic by setting small goals the more likely you are going to achieve them. You really need to believe in yourself that you are capable to do the change you want because you are worthy of it.