Lose weight by morning banana diet

The morning banana diet or Asa banana diet was first made by a Japanese wife called Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist and preventative medicine expert, in order to help her husband Hamachi lose weight. This diet has become widespread especially after it works successfully and magically helped the Japanese husband to lose around 38 pounds.

This diet is made for people who don’t want to bother themselves with strict diet rules or calorie count. Although it is very flexible, it is not free of some few dieting rules you’ll definitely need to follow. Here are some fingerprints that dieters shared about their experience with “The Morning Banana Diet” in order to provide you with the right practise.

Lose weight by morning banana diet

1. Eat A Banana For Breakfast :
- For the breakfast, you should eat more than one banana. Indeed, the Japanese husband used to eat 4 bananas in the morning.
- The bananas should be raw, never cooked or frozen before.
- Bananas can be substituted with any other fruit. However it should be restricted to only one type of fruit per meal.
- Drink water at room temperature.
- Eat until you are satisfied, do not stuff yourself.
- If you find yourself still hungry, you can eat after 15 to 30 minutes, however, Mr Hamachi used to eat 2 and a half hour later. It is recommended to eat low-caloric foods such as oatmeal or rice.

2. What to eat in lunch and dinner ?
- Dinner must be at 6pm in order to let a four-hour period between your last meal and bedtime.
- You should be aware of both the quality and the quantity of what you eat. This diet does not aim to stress you out with strict rules and extreme food limitations but to help you to involve you in a balanced and healthy strategy as key for an overall well being and successful weight maintenance.
- Focus on fruits and veggies that are full of fibre to keep you full for longer time and rich in other natural nutrients such as protein and vitamins to meet your body’s daily requirements and give you a natural healthy glow. Try also to avoid packaged foods and takeaways.
- At your meals make sure that you are chewing thoroughly. Enjoy every single bite but stop when you are 80% full. There is a Japanese proverb saying “A stomach eight tenths full needs no doctor”.
- Desserts are not allowed after any of your meals.
- Do not starve your body; if you want a snack do not deprive yourself. Try to have some tasty fresh fruits, sweet snacks (chocolate, cookies ...) or even salty ones (like popcorn ...). The snack should be eaten by 3 pm at the latest.

3. What to drink ?
- You should drink 2 to 3 liters of water on a daily basis to help your body flush out toxins and relieve it from its fat burden.
- It is recommended to drink mineral or filtered water at room temperature.
- Other non-caloric beverages such as tea are highly recommended. Although they are allowed, coffee and diet soda are not that good option you’re looking for.

4. Is there a need for physical efforts ?
Sports are a tremendous part for a healthy body. Try to walk every day, do some workouts or try some easy yoga poses. However exercise only if you want to, do not stress or put pressure on yourself, this is up to you.

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