How To Whiten Your Teeth With Turmeric

Among the first things people notice when making the first impression, are your teeth. They are the mirror of both your health and personality. Sparkling teeth make lots of people look more attractive and smart, however yellow teeth, in contrast, may work against you and cost you much even your self-confidence. Unfortunately, lots of people are still embarrassed over the yellow appearance of their teeth no matter how many times they have brushed them. In fact, teeth stains can have multiple causes such as smoking or due to deeply pigmented food and drinks. Yellow tint can also naturally occur as we age. If your teeth are not as bright as you like and you are not happy with the way they look, here is the best DIY solution for you : Turmeric is honestly a magical natural cure to get a gorgeous smile that flashes across your face.
How To Whiten Your Teeth With Turmeric


1. What is Turmeric ?

Turmeric is a widely available natural root that has been used as a cook spice especially in Asia. However, Turmeric has also been used as a medicine thanks to its precious properties such as anti-inflammatory properties. Although it stains everything that comes in contact with, Turmeric is incredibly powerful to whiten your teeth and thus provides you with the prettiest smile ever. 

2. Why Turmeric ?

The most powerful effect of Turmeric is its ability to control inflammations. It is regarded as pain killer and plays a positive role when it comes to oral hygiene. Its anti-bacterial properties remove , kill the germs and other micro organisms, prevent plaque to appear and promote healthy teeth and gum. It is also packed with vitamin C and Calcium which strengthen your teeth. Turmeric inhibits cancerous cells from growing and protects you from oral cancer as well as several gum diseases such as gingivitis.
Turmeric is good for our overall health. People use Turmeric in order to alleviate their pain because, in fact, it is more tolerant than any medical intervention. It is a natural treatment for diabetics as it repairs the damage, controls blood sugar, reserves insulin resistance and regulates cholesterol levels. It is a cure for chronic inflammations and its effectiveness equals that’s of drugs.

3. The problem with commercial toothpaste : 

Have you ever bothered yourself and thought about the ingredient list of your toothpaste? The sad truth is that most of the toothpastes contain toxic ingredients.

Sodium Fluoride : This dangerous chemical can damage not only your teeth and gums but also your overall health. Toothpastes, packaged and processed food, cigarettes and even water accumulate fluoride in the body which destroys bones and teeth, damages male and female reproductive system and negatively affects the brain functioning. Sodium Fluoride is also included in some industrial pesticides and rat poison products!

Tricolsan : Most of toothpastes contain Tricolsan which is the case with Colgate ! It is introduced as an anti-bacterial chemical and has the ability to prevent gingivitis. However, studies showed shocking facts about Tricolsan. It is a hormone disrupter and can cause endocrine disrupter and thus series of health problems such as prostate and testicular cancer.Even though you spit most of your toothpaste, such chemicals still can be absorbed by the sensitive skin of the mouth which put your overall health at jeopardy.

Other chemicals : Other chemicals which interfere in the foaming action of the tooth paste such as SLES or SLS are extremely dangerous. They affect your taste buds and damage them in the long term, that’s why you feel like everything tastes bad after you brushing teeth. SLS has been categorized as an insecticide toxic chemical which results in skin and eyes problems and damages even the marine life when being used with big amounts.

4. Turmeric Toothpaste : 

From now on you can whiten your teeth naturally with this easy homemade toothpaste recipe : 

Ingredients : 

- 1 tablespoon of Turmeric.
- 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. (  Coconut oil is the best choice for oral detoxification. It is very effective to pull out bacteria and promote strong and healthy teeth and gum. Its antibacterial properties provide you with fresh breath and help prevent gingivitis. ) 

Note: You can add 1 tablespoon of baking soda or mix Turmeric with water only.

Directions : 

- Mix all the ingredients until you get a paste.
- Now, brush your teeth as normal. Wait 4 to 5 minutes because the more Turmeric spends in your mouth the healthier it will be.
- Spit and rinse thoroughly  with cool water until it comes out clear. 


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