5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Must Avoid Them

During our whole lives, we were told by various and numerous advertising campaigns that certain food is good and helpful to reach our fitness aims while it is simply the opposite.

Here are 5 common mistakes when dieting :

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Must Avoid Them

Neglecting Your meals ingredients :

To ensure a successful weight loss strategy, be sure of making smart choices. Unfortunately, most of people focus only on calories intake and neglect the ingredients of their meals. Here’s the truth about some food which are marked as "healthy options":

1) Diet Soda: Some people think that soda is very helpful when losing weight and you can drink as much as you want but they are not aware of what’s going on inside their bodies. Actually, it contains very high amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners which increase fat storage, lead to even clinical obesity  and prevent you then from having the body you always dreamt of. Another shocking fact about diet soda is that it damages your metabolism knowing as “Metabolic Syndrome“ which is related to series of health risks such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and kidney problems.

2) Energy Bars: They are secretly unhealthy. In fact, energy bars are pretty similar to candies. They are very rich in sugar  which stimulate your sugar craving and doesn’t satisfy your hunger which lead to overeating. Besides they have no nutritional value, they contain few to no fiber and protein but as much calories as a meal. They are also loaded with unhealthy fats which lead to weight gain and artificial ingredients and flavors which affect your renal system.

3) Fruit Yogurt: Many of us think its is a good choice for dieters due to its low amounts of calories and various healthy ingredients like calcium but it still make you fat! No one can deny that it contains very few calories but in the other hand it is low in protein versus rich amounts of fat and artificial sweeteners which show obstacles when losing weight. Besides, it does not provide satiety and loaded with carbs which turn it from a snack into a meal..

4) Peanut Butter: Despite its good taste, peanut butter is not effective at all when dealing with weight loss. Although it contains a range of vitamins and several important nutrients which help in building your body, this smooth creamy substance is packed with rich amounts of fat which is approximately twice of protein amount, this will definitely push you to food obsession. It is quiet easy to be addicted to it and can’t put the spoon down. It is also to know that only two spoons of peanut butter contain from 170 to 200 calories and about 16 grams of fats. It raises also your cholesterol level and cancer risk rate because of its harmful ingredients such as aflatoxins.

The list of food and advices blow are not enough, you should be aware of what to eat and remember it is all about balance. Dieting does not really mean to focus on calories and neglect the rest or to eat crazy amounts of protein and fiber. Your body needs specific amounts of every protein, fiber, carbs, healthy fats and sugar. So, you have to maintain a healthy feeding window in order to lose weight safely.

Lack Of Sleep :

Sleeping is a priority in our lives, it is a big determinant of our health. During our sleep, our bodies repair and build themselves and do other several important functions such as establishing new learning connections and even burn calories. Yes, our bodies do really burn calories while sleeping, in fact a study in 1982/1984 found that people who sleep 6 hours per night are 27% fatter than those who sleep from 7 to 9 hours per night whereas people who sleep only 5 hours or less are 73% more obese. From health perspective, lack of sleep help your body gain weight. First, it is well known that lack of sleep causes late night hunger because the hormones which control your appetite will get imbalanced. Another fact, when you do not have an adequate sleep, your metabolism will not digest glucose as a first source of energy but store it as fat. So, to boost your weight loss be sure of having a good sleep...

Starving Your Body :

Desperate of your failed attempts, you would do anything to get rid of your extra pounds even starving your body.. Crash diet means consuming 0 calories while your body needs around 2000 per day, so you are pushing your body to look for other sources of energy; first, it will lose the reserved fats as fuel then it will not be comfortable with burning fats so it will burn your muscles to survive and energy will fall down very fast. Crash diet is a terrible weight loss strategy, at the beginning you may be amazed to see quick results but then your body will stop functioning properly; your metabolism will be damaged, your brain has no energy so it start messing up, you’ll suffer from excessive weight degradation and be exposed to cardiac arrest risk. If you think that crash diet is a brilliant idea then it is not because when you get into a starvation mode you will not be able to maintain your new weight, experience eating disorder and pack in weight again or gain even more. so, you have to establish a healthy and less risky way to lose weight, you’ll definitely find the answer of what you are looking for...

Not Enough Water :

70% of our bodies is water, we all need water to survive its a vital necessity. As  result, we should be conscious of its benefits.. It is recommended to drink 2 to 3 litters of water every day or the half of you weight in ounces, this will help you to boost your metabolism and burn more fat. It plays an important role to suppress your appetite and make you feel the satiety.. Adequate quantity of water prevents kidney failure or renal stones, energy drop, headaches and protect you from strokes... Cold water is also recommended, it is freshening and make your body burn more calorie when it tries to cool it down...

Excessive Working-out :

Working-out excessively or incorrectly has dangerous side effects. Actually, it leads to muscle fatigue, you body enter a catabolic state and start breaking down tissue and using muscles as fuel. It leads also to cardiac attack and sudden death knowing as cardiac hypertrophy and many other risks such as affecting the immune system and chronic disease. In the other hand, people who does not exercise at all are 4 times more likely to die from cardiac attack or stroke. What you need is to practise sport moderately.

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