How to get a bigger butt every 2 to 4 weeks

Still craving that perfect body ?

Don't worry, here's a set of exercises to do at home for a bigger butt and a healthy core :

1- Tricep dips:
Using 2 chairs; put your knees and feet on on and your hands wide open on the other one holding its edges with your elbows slightly bent.
Stretch out your legs with a slight bend in the knee. Start lowering your body with your arms and then raise it to the initial position.
Keep doing​ that for a minute or so.

2- Plank:
First do a side plank on each side. Second use both of your hands to do a full plank. And third stick your elbows down for an elbow plank.
Do it often as much as you can.

3- Burpees:
Stand still, get down on your knees, do a push-up and then jump up for a jumping jack.
Do it 10-15 times.

4- Dumbbell swing:
Using your Dumbbell, swing it between your thighs using your arms strength.
Keep your torso stable while lowering your back.

5- Leg raises:
Lie on your back, raise both if your legs, move each to its possible extreme side and then pull them back together.

6- Plank with leg raises:
Put your hands on a chair facing it, get to the position of a full plank, raise each leg at a time and then do a push-up.

7- Jump-Squat:
Do a sumo-squat then jump back to your initial state. Do it for a minute or two.

8- Dead lift with alternative leg move:
Using your Dumbbell in your hands, move alternatively to the side lowering your body to lift the Dumbbell up again as you get to the extreme side.

9- Jumping Jacks:
Jump up opening your legs and arms and then jump back to your first position.

10- Side lunges:
Stand still, extend your left leg lowering your body, stand up again and then do the same to your right leg.

11- wood chop:
Using a medicine ball, stand with your feet apart with a slight bend on your knees. Lift the ba over your head and then start to circle it to the right extending your arms as possible and then circle it to the left as well.
Keep maintaining a stable torso.

12- Lunges:
Bend on one knee with the other one to he back, do it several times for each leg.

13- donkey kicks:
With your hands and legs apart and facing the floor, start raising each leg as high as possible for 10 to 15 times.

14- Jumping Jacks:
Jump opening your legs and arms and then jump back to your first position.

15- Side leg raises:
Put your left foot on a chair with the other one slightly bent and begin lowering your body a bit still standing.
Do it to your right side as well.

16- wide-legged split:
A fan of yoga? Split your legs as possible as you can and lower your back extending your arms in front of you.

17- Reclined twist:
Hold your right leg to your left side for a minute and then switch to the other leg.

18- Crescent lunge:
Bent on one knee and push your boy down as possible as you can.

19- Knee to ears:
Lay on your back with your lower body up your head and then start lowering your knees to touch your ears.

20- Outer thigh stretch:
Sitting down with your legs bent, pull your left leg to your right one. Do it to the other side as well.

21- Hip flexor stretch:
Put your right foot on a chair and bent it while extending your left leg, do the same to your left leg as well.

22- Seated forward fold:
Sit down with your legs extended in front of you, then each for your heels lowering your back. Keep the front of your back. Keep the front of your torso stable and don't round your back.

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