10 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

If you have ever heard that losing weight is about eating less, you have to keep in mind that there is very key formula in weight loss: Burning more calories than you take every day is a good place to start and a very basic way to get rid of your unwanted pounds. These simple tricks will help you to cut 500 calories on a daily basis and thus safely dropping one pound a week.

Do not drink your calories :

One of the most important things you can do to lose weight is to be conscious enough to stop drinking your calories. The sweetened beverages can do nothing good to your body compared to the calories that you are swallowing. Eliminate fruit flavored drinks and even sweetened coffee. For example, 1 medium latte coffee sweetened with one packet of sugar contains about 250 calories. Instead, go for black coffee with only 1 calorie per ounce. You can also try herbal tea and enjoy the refreshing taste as well as the magic of its powerful antioxidants. Those home-made beverages will help you not only to easily cut 500 calories of your diet but also to save some dollars in your pocket.

Hidden sources of sugar :

Added sugars tip the caloric count over the edge. Consuming sugary drinks is one contributor to pack pounds, thus cutting your intake of obvious sources of sugar is normally the first step to your weight loss goal. Yet, unlike the popular view, diet soda or diet cokes are artificially sweetened to mimic the regular versions. There is no secret that your zero calorie drink may seriously harm your body. Studies found that such beverages do not actually lead to any more weight loss but rather double the risks of obesity, increase the waist circumference and make you more likely exposed to the risks of diabetes type 2. They are also linked to poor dental health, damage your bones, hurt your heart and affect your metabolism. So why don’t you try alternative calorie-free beverages such as water which is very necessary for our bodies, lemon juice or other detoxes to burn more than 500 calories.

Skip dessert :

Desserts should be infrequent a daily occurrence. One of the easiest ways to trim 500 calories from your caloric intake is simply to skip your dessert habit. However not having a dessert may seem too strict or overwhelm you with a sense of deprivation, that’s why we need a smart swap. Instead of a large fattening dessert, try some blueberries with yogurt, banana chips with dark chocolate or avocado milk shake. Check out menus for healthy versions of a tasty dessert and save 500 calories at least.

Get enough sleep :

It is very important to realize that a good night sleep is an essential part of a healthy life style. A good night sleep can efficiently help you not only to lose weight but also to maintain a healthy weight. That’s why people who are suffering from obesity sleep well. In fact, studies showed that what happened when you don’t have enough sleep is that the levels of a hormone called cortisol go up and increase which certainly cause weight gain. The lack of shut eye can lead you to crave late at night, you can no longer resist the attraction of that little piece of sweets. It is recommended to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per night. You have to keep in mind that scorching calories during sleep depends on your weight and the number of hours you sleep. The Fit Watch website claim that a 160 pound person can burn 552 calories during 8 hours of sleep while a person weighted 200 pounds burns 688 calories for the same duration. Thus a person loses about 0.42 calories for every pound in each hour of sleep.

Switch to healthy snacks :

The challenge with many people is what to eat when hunger hits before meal time. Here are some satisfying options to stave off hunger and fill up with less than 100 calories: try one cup of blueberries (85 calories), one medium apple (70 calories) or 2 medium kiwis (95 calories). Try your best to completely avoid nuts (3 handfuls of nuts contain about 525 calories). Instead, you can eat 13 almonds (90 calories). Another tasty option is a low-fat vegetable soup (90 calories). Thus, couple of swaps on a daily basis can help you trim 500 calories at least.

Don’t clean up your plates :

It is a great step to try your best to start substituting junk food with salads, vegetables, fruits, whole grain, etc… yet you are obliged to eat everything in your plate, this is not a task to be completed. Experts say that leaving more or less 25% of your food in the plate can easily help you torch 500 calories if you are used to consume about 2000 calories every day.

Eat wisely :

If you can’t get over your desire to finish all of your plate, smaller plates can help. Change your 12 inch plate for only a 9-inch one. Don’t worry you’ll automatically feel full, indeed, researchers found that using smaller plates will make you eat 20% to 25% less and thus saving 500 calories without even noticing.

Chew your food :

People have always been advising each other to chew their food very well. Yet, many people still chew too fast. Nutritionally speaking, eating slowly does not make any significant difference, however researchers say that it may help in losing weight. The mind takes 20 to 30 minutes to get a signal that you are no longer hungry and during that period of time you can eat as much as you want even unnecessary potions. Studies showed that chewing your food 30 to 50 times per mouth can help you to eat less and consume much less calories.

Find some tricks to fill up :

Eggs are considered among the healthiest food you can rely on when it comes to a friendly weight loss. Eat two boiled eggs for breakfast, you’ll eat less, satisfy your hunger and feel full for a long time. Check out some recipes for low-calorie soups, make it with your own hands and enjoy before lunch or dinner. Try also to drink water 30 minutes before meals, this will make you feel fuller and thus eat less. These simple tricks are definitely useful to get rid of 500 calories at least.

Don’t eat in front of TV :

Eating in front of TV or even in front of your computer is an ultimate enemy that can cause countless weight disorders. According to some researchers, only eating in front of the TV will increase your caloric intake up to 288 calories. Besides, eating in front of the TV is a brain destructor; it prevents your brain from realizing how much you are eating and blocks any sense of satisfaction because, in fact, your mind is totally focusing on blowing fictional world. This would also stimulate you to eat increasing amounts of food particularly with lots of sugar and fat such as fried food, cokes and other junk food.

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